Kolindale | 2017 Ram Sales
Kolindale Merino, Poll Merino and White Suffolk Stud
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2017 Ram Sales

Thank you to all our clients for their continued support during our ram sales and private selections. We look forward to seeing how all our Merino, Poll Merino and White Suffolks rams do throughout the coming year.

We had great results this year no rams being passed in at our On Property Sale and an average of $1643 over our 348 Merino and Poll Merinos and an average of $1240 over our 169 White Suffolk rams. Thank you also to all our clients who made both the Esperance sale and Lewisdale Corrigin sale a great success.The days would not be possible without the efforts of the extended team and the Dudinin Tennis Club and Kulin Pub – thank you for all your hard work. Thank you also to our agents, Elders, Landmark and WestCoast Livestock for the smooth running of the sales on the days.

Private selections are now available for Kolindale, Lewisdale Bloodline and Lewisdale Corrigin Merino and Poll Merinos and Kolindale White Suffolks.

We wish all our clients great success throughout the year and please do not hesitate to call Luke on 0427 890 046 for any further information.